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How to play Stairway to Heaven on a 3 string guitar

Click here for more 3 string instructional videos

"Blue Suede Shoes" recorded on all homemade instruments. Click here for more.

How to build a cigar box guitar and many other folk instruments
There should never be a reason for you to pay someone to build you a fully functional, awesome sounding guitar.

Build it yourself!

You will not believe how easy it is. If you have the ability to use a hand saw, and a drill, then you have what it takes.

Left handed or right handed, the fundamentals are the same and all explained and photographed.

Learn to build your own instruments now!

You can build an insanely cool electric guitar for under $50
You could build a fully functional instrument with parts you may already have in your garage or workshop.

My book "The Folk Art Instrument Builders Reference", written nearly a decade ago, is now available in many local libraries.

It gives a brief history of this folk art style of instrument building, which began in the mid 1800's, and then guides you through building your very own 1, 3, 4, or 6 string guitars, and many other, really cool, instruments.

This book contains all of the secrets to building your very own Cigar Box Guitar.

Look though my gallery, and watch/listen to the instruments that I have built using the very methods described, in detail, within the book.

You'll learn how to age/distress parts, make wooden cigar bridges that look like actual cigars, wind your own pickup, make wooden tuners and more.

To pick up a copy go online to Amazon, Walmart or Target and search for The Folk Art Instrument Builders Reference.

Update: If you would like a signed copy (limited supply) click here:
The Folk Art Instrument Builders Reference
By Charles Atchison

If you ever have questions, or need any suggestions or tips, feel free to send me a message:
In addition to building instruments, I also collect and sell authentic vintage cigar box instruments, memorabilia and ephemera ranging from books, postcards, records, cigar boxes, cups, plates and more.
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