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Charles Atchison

Infrequent Newsletter

All of the instruments played in this video were created using homemade and repurposed materials.

It was vastly easier to build and record with them, than it was  making a video showing me playing all of them at the same time...

Anything you can play, I can play with only 3 strings ;) and I'll show you how as well, and for free.

I use a non conventional tuning (DGD) which I feel makes transcribing songs a piece of cake. 

Click here for my free tutorials and let me know if you have any questions or need help figuring out a song.


2022 Baritone Baromitar Haunted Instrument by Charles Atchison
Charles Atchison The Folk Art Instrument Builders Reference
Charles Atchison Magician Haunted Instrument Justin Johnson

I built this custom baritone 27” scale, lap steel guitar for Justin Johnson using a 100 year old barometer, and a neck from an old, Johnson brand guitar. I added added a new fretboard, used red and white fret position markers to give the feeling of mercury rising up the neck.

I also developed a new method for semi-mounted repositional pickups. Basically, this pickup can be moved, even during play, to any point under the strings, between the neck and the bridge position.

The floating bridge sits atop the metal face plate, above a big hollow cavity, which served in making this a resonator/dobro style guitar and adds to its deep, haunted, tone. This instrument by far took the most thought, planning, consideration, and focus than any other instrument I’ve ever built. 

The sound is out of this world and Justin utilizes the space behind the bridge and tailpiece to add some insanely cool vibrato/pitch changes using his hand.

Learn more about Justin at

How to build a cigar box guitar and many other folk instruments

"The Folk Art Instrument Builders Reference"
Provides a history of this style of instrument building, which began in the mid 1800's, and then guides you through building your very own instruments, and many other, fully functional music makers.

Also available online @ Amazon, Walmart, and Target. 

If you would like a signed copy click here:
The Folk Art Instrument Builders Reference

In addition to building instruments and folk art, I collect and sell authentic vintage cigar box instruments (and other antique handmade folk art and tramp art), memorabilia and ephemera ranging from books, postcards, records, cigar boxes, cups, plates and more.

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