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How to play Stairway to Heaven on a 3 string guitar

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A limited run of my hand made resonator cones will be available in April 2022
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How to build a cigar box guitar and many other folk instruments
My book, The Folk Art Instrument Builders Reference, written nearly a decade ago, is now available in many local libraries.

It provides a brief history of this style of instrument building, which began in the mid 1800's, and then guides you through building your very own guitar, and many other, fully functional instruments.

Also available online @ Amazon, Walmart, and Target. 

If you would like a signed copy click here:
The Folk Art Instrument Builders Reference

If you ever have questions, or need any suggestions or tips, feel free to send me a message.
I spent 2 years away from my workshop, and this was this first instrument I built after returning in July of 2021.

It is a baritone scale, lap steel; constructed using a 100 year old barometer. I call them Baromitar's, and this is the 3rd one that I have built. I made this custom guitar specifically for Justin Johnson.

This instrument took 6 months to complete. I will post build details soon.

Charles 2/2022
In addition to building instruments and folk art, I also collect and sell authentic vintage cigar box instruments, memorabilia and ephemera ranging from books, postcards, records, cigar boxes, cups, plates and more.
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