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This book provides detailed instructions for building the following instruments:


One String Diddley Bow

Relic style 4 string Cigar Box Guitar

Tenor Hubcap Banjo

Cajon Drum


Washtub Bass (Gutbucket)


It also includes instructions on making your own wooden peg tuners, how to fret your instruments, make your own electric pickup, wiring the instrument, scarf necks, how to give your instruments that distressed, relic look and much, much more.


6 x 9 Trade Paperback 200 pages with over 400 pictures and illustrations.

The Folk Art Instrument Builders Reference by Charles E. Atchison


This book is a reference for the construction of functional folk art & roots instruments.

200 pages with over 400 pictures and illustrations and clear instructions for each topic.



Shown below are just two of the many instruments you will learn how to build.

Table of Contents

Tools 4
The Cigar Box Guitar 6-66
Wooden Peg Tuners 11-20
Diddley Bow 21-35
Relic Style Four String Guitar 37-66
Distressing the wood 42-48
Ebonizing 44-47
Age metal parts 45
Tenor Hubcap Banjo 67-131
Fret Position Markers 77-78
Fretting the Neck 85-102
Fret Templates 93-95
Dressing the Frets 101-102
Tuning Keys & the Nut 103-108
Staining the Neck 109-113
Attach the Neck 114-117
Adding the Jack & Piezo Pickup 118-122
String Retainer 123-126
Tailpiece, Bridge & Final Assembly 127-131
Headstocks 132-138
Kalimba (Thumb Piano) 139-147
Bracing 148-149
Wind your own Pickups 150-155
Wiring 156-163
Scarf Joint 164-170
Bridges and Tailpieces 171-176
Build a wooden cigar bridge 177-185
Cajón Drum 186-192
Washtub Bass (Gutbucket) 193-198
Recommended Resources 199

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