Hand Spun Aluminum

Resonator Cones 

Designed specifically for

Cigar Box Guitar's

Hand made by Charles Atchison

Available in two sizes:


  • Lightning  5 1/2" diameter

  • Thunder 7" diameter


The Lightning size fits most common cigar boxes


The Thunder size is for larger cigar boxes, wine boxes, silverware boxes etc...

Each cone is hand made, spun on a lathe the same way all traditional resonator cones used to be made
Made in the U.S.A. by Folk Artisan Charles Atchison

  • These cones were designed specifically for cigar box guitars

  • Sized in 5.5" & 7" to accommodate standard cigar box sizes

  • 1/4" lip to allow them to be surface mounted, so for a Lightning 5.5" cone you would drill a 5" hole (a 5" hole saw in your drill press works perfectly)

  • These cones do not come pre-drilled for mounting. This provides you, the builder, with the choice of bolt pattern, bolt size etc.

Click here for instructions on building a Resonator Cigar Box Guitar


"Oh that sounds real nice!"

- Mac Arnold

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Now available in Copper!


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Copper resonator cones for cigar box guitars

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